• September – November 2019

  • 9am – 4pm

  • Centro Sharjah


The 2nd edition of Maharat Program aims at enabling individuals to effectively communicate their vision to the world. The participants will be able identify their values, skill set and professional viewpoints & understand how to position their professional work across digital platforms and in person. The program consists of three phases which are: Personal Branding, Public Speaking, & Media Training.

Our Program Will Help You


  • Understand how to position your professional work across digital platforms and in person
  • Identify potential networking opportunities and value adding conversations
  • Clarify what your key messages are, your audience and what information you need
  • Professionally deliver a public address
  • Gain confidence on camera and in front of a microphone


Personal Branding

4th, 11th, & 26th of Sept

  • Create your strategy for your personal brand
  • Engage, create and share on the right platforms in social media
  • Discover what type of content you need to be creating and how to leverage your natural communication style
  • Adapt your communication style to different scenarios and speak to anyone
Public Speaking

2nd, 9th, 23rd of Oct

  • Engage and connect with your audience
  • Learn the easiest way to rehearse and what you need to be looking out for
  • Guide the flow of information and make it memorable
  • Understand who you’re speaking to so you can best serve them
Media Training

6th, 13th, 27th of Nov

  • Understand where consumers get their information and what are the key outlets you need to pay attention to in your industry
  • Craft a compelling pitch to producers and editors to gain coverage in the media
  • Engage and activate the audience
  • Learn to put your authentic stamp on the interview


  • Must be 20 years & above
  • Must be 20 Years and Above