Consumer to Investor

  • November 13th – 14th

  • 09am - 04pm

  • Centro Sharjah, UAE

Consumer to Investor

This program aims at enhancing an individual’s ability to manage personal finance matters in an efficient manner, while gaining the knowledge of making appropriate decisions about personal finance and money management.

Through the “Consumer to Investor” Program, you will learn:

Consumer to Investor
Consumer to Investor
Consumer to Investor
Consumer to Investor

  • The basic steps on the road to financial freedom

  • Learn how to set financial goals

  • Understand the dangers and power of compound interest

  • Understand debt and practical ways to reduce and avoid debt

  • Learn how to plan for major investments

  • Gain insight to universal money principles

  • Explore ways to budget better and save more


13th November

    Assets and Liabilities
  • What are Assets? What are Liabilities? Examples from everyday
  • Exercise on Asset types using post-it
  • Answers and discussion
  • Personal exercise
    Input Session on Credit Cards
  • Syndicate exercise 2 teams – (A) Advantages (B) Disadvantages
  • Natural Law 2
  • A different introduction to Credit Cards
    Time Value of Money
  • Video: The value of money
  • Investment Exercise
  • Natural Law 3
  • Compound Vs. Simple returns
14th November

  • Syndicate exercise:
  • A. What makes a budget works B. What makes a budget fail
  • Flow chart- Individual exercise - Reason why budgets fail
  • Budgeting techniques
  • How to Save
  • Making a savings plan that works
    Considering wealth and values:
  • Lessons from Warren Buffett
  • Natural Law
  • “Rich” is a relative term
    Financial Freedom:
  • Definition of financial freedom
  • Passive income strategies


  • Must be 20 Years and Above

  • Proficient in English