Membership Registration

What is SCD Membership?

A membership and loyalty system for the members of Sharjah Capability Development. The membership provides many benefits to its members such as taking advantage of the activities and programs organized by SCD, as well as earning loyalty points that can be exchanged for valuable in-kind prizes.


  • Applying best practices to attract members and encourage non-members to join and benefit from the activities and programs tailored for each individual. This will help the individuals fulfil their goals and meet their future needs.
  • Increasing the participation rate of the members in the activities and programs offered
  • Motivating members to interact more with the activities and programs offered to them and ensure that they take advantage of all the available facilities

Membership Registration Benefits

  • SCD membership provides an opportunity for individuals to participate in workshops, attend distinguished events and earn loyalty points through attending workshops & events.
  • Continuously update the members’ benefits.
  • Applying best practices by staying up to date with the latest trends and information presented by various government and external entities. This will result in continuously updating the membership benefits.
  • Providing an opportunity for the members to understand the role of other government entities and inform them of all of the benefits that they could utilize.
  • Highlighting the role of partners and raising awareness of their activities and services.
Membership Registration